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Feb. 21, 2023

Captain of SpaceX Rocket Recovery Vessel Finds Strengths in Masters Swimming, Episode 195

Captain of SpaceX Rocket Recovery Vessel Finds Strengths in Masters Swimming, Episode 195

Join dedicated Masters Swimmer Lindsay Price, Captain of the SpaceX Rocket Recovery Vessel, for this riveting interview on Champion's Mojo and learn about how she (mostly) swims seven days a week, breaks glass ceilings in the maritime industry, and lives on a ship for 28 days at a time! 

This remote interview took place while Lindsay was captaining a ship heading east of the Bahamas to recover a SpaceX rocket that was about to be launched into space. She describes watching rocket launches and the excitement of seeing boosters land on the barges she places with her tug boat. Lindsay also chats about splitting her time between Houston and Cape Canaveral, shares her journey to becoming a captain, and advocating for women in the maritime industry. Finally, she talks about her love for swimming, how it has been a constant in her life, her dedication to swimming, and how she thinks it may have played a role in her getting hired at SpaceX!

If you enjoy learning about the intersection of different disciplines and the stories of remarkable individuals, then this show is for you. Listen and get your mojo working!

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Lindsay M PriceProfile Photo

Lindsay M Price

Captain, SpaceX - Falcon Ark Recovery

Captain Lindsay M Price is a graduate from SUNY Maritime College. Shortly after graduating, she moved to Houston, Texas in 2007. For 15 years she was employed by G&H Towing Company based in Galveston, Texas. Starting as a mate Lindsay worked her way up, becoming G&H's first female captain in 2011. In September 2022 Lindsay was offered the opportunity of a lifetime to come and work as a Captain onboard the rocket recovery vessels for SpaceX. Lindsay stays involved in the Maritime community by mentoring many members in maritime, working with local high school maritime training programs, and being the Director of Advocacy for WomenOffshore’s mentor program. She is a contributor to SeaSisters.org and has been an active and involved member of WISTA since 2011. Lindsay has always had a love for water and started swimming at the age of 5. She swam competitively through college and took a 3 year break when moving to Houston. In 2012 a Master's team started near Lindsay's house and she has been on the team ever since. Lindsay Has been to USMS SCY Nationals and has recently compleate fallen back in love with the sport. Lindsay is also a volunteer fire fighter and first responder in her home town, she is currently studying for her paramedic license.