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July 20, 2020

Jason Lezak: Importance of Self Belief, Episode #73, 7-21-2020

Jason Lezak: Importance of Self Belief, Episode #73, 7-21-2020

Believing in yourself and committing to learning more about your passions is what Olympic champion Jason Lezak says has brought him success throughout his career and life. He talks with Kelly and Maria about turning negative energy into positive thinking and what that pivotal moment at the 2008 Olympics taught him about self-belief. 

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Jason Lezak is a four-time Olympian, Olympic champion and is best known for his role as the anchor of the USA’s gold medal relay in 2008 to a come-from-behind gold medal victory.

Jason has eight Olympic medals, is the current world record holder and has the fastest 100-free split ever recorded. Today, Jason serves as the general manager of the International Swim League’s Cali Condors, is a sought after speaker and works with many charitable causes. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

2008 Olympics

2004 Olympics

International Swim League, ISL

Cali Condors

Michael Phelps

Breast cancer

Middle distance training

Turning negativity into positive thinking

Alain Bernard

Rowdy Gaines

Woollett Aquatics Center, Irvine

Cognitive behavioral thought



  1. Recognize negativity but then reframe it and replace it with positivity. 
  2. You have to be a student of life and learn about your sport, career and anything in life you want to succeed at doing. 


  1. Do your own thing and what you need to do. Run/swim your own race. 
  2. Discipline takes consistency and self motivation. It is okay to want to win and be competitive. 

Quote of the Week: 

"Believe in yourself, don't focus on what other people believe." -- Jason Lezak

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