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Shoulder Health


Want to keep your shoulders healthy as a preventative? Or heal your painful shoulders without surgery*?  This protocol comes from an orthopedic surgeon, John M. Kirsch M.D. who has done hundreds of shoulder surgeries on athletes, which he says could have  been avoided.

TESTIMONIAL: “A few years ago an MRI confirmed I had two torn rotator cuffs (each shoulder) and one impingement (left shoulder). My left shoulder was so painful I couldn't sleep on it, or raise my shoulder higher than my waist. Definitely no swimming. That was in 2018-19. I was told I was headed for shoulder surgery, but decided I would try Dr. Kirsch's hanging protocol first. Now in 2023, I am swimming strongly with pain free shoulders, as long as I do this protocol.” -Kelly Parker Palace, Lifelong swimmer

Here are the resources to get you on the road to recovery or prevention:

1) My favorite online PTs are "Bob and Brad" and THIS VIDEO will explain this healing technique and give you confidence in the protocol. Pay particular attention to the study they review at about the 1:25 mark. They even followed up on the study to confirm that the shoulders were healed.

2) Buy the book (above), SHOULDER PAIN? The Solution & Prevention which has the exact shoulder healing protocol.

3) Get an over the door bar and bar grip gloves

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Do this to start or as maintenance:

-Week 1, 50% of your weight for 5 to 10 sets of 30 secs. Book says there will be some pain but it shouldn't be extricating. Do this 5 days/week. PLUS the exercise drills in the book.

-Week 2, 50% of weight 5-10 sets for 45 sec, 5 days /week PLUS the exercise drills in the book

-Week 3, 75% of your body weight for 45 sec. 5 days/week PLUS the exercise drills in the book

-Week 4 and maintenance going forward should be your full body weight for 10 sets of 30-45 seconds hanging and 30-45 seconds of resting. 

Each workout should take 10-20 minutes. As with any workout you can add more weight, reps or time or remove weight reps and time, depending on how you feel. Again, it can be somewhat painful at first and then after a couple of weeks the pain should subside. Until you get your bar in the mail you can use the top of a door frame, it's just not as easy to hold onto. Or if you have no pain, then this can prevent shoulder pain.