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Sept. 29, 2020

Kaitlin Sandeno: Goals Over Fears, Episode #83, 9-29-20

Kaitlin Sandeno: Goals Over Fears, Episode #83, 9-29-20

Olympic medalist and professional swimming general manager Kaitlin Sandeno approaches challenges with a mindset that they are minor -- and that in order to find your true path in life, you have to face your doubts and fears head-on. In this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria, Kaitlin shares about her decision to brighten the lives of children with cancer and the positive character traits she’s developed as an athlete.  


Kaitlin Sandeno is an Olympic gold medalist, six-time World Champion, former world record holder and current Pan American Games record holder for Team USA. She is a sports broadcaster, keynote speaker and serves as the general manager for International Swim League team the DC Trident.

Kaitlin Sandeno is the author of Golden Glow: How Kaitlin Sandeno Achieved Gold in the Pool and in Life which recounts her swimming career and details the impact she has made in the world outside the pool. She is the national spokesperson for the Jessie Rees Foundation and spreads joy around the country to children fighting cancer. She is the host of her own podcast, Behind the Blocks. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

DC Trident professional swim team

International Swim League, ISL

Golden Glow: How Kaitlin Sandeno Achieved Gold in the Pool and in Life 

Jessie Rees Foundation 

Hamilton: An American Musical

Las Vegas

Konstantin Grigorishin

Fair pay

Katie Ledecky

Jason Lezak 

Lenny Krayzelburg

NEEGU - Never ever ever give up

Joy Jars - items for childhood cancer patients

Time management

University of Southern California


Jon Urbanchek

WiSP network

Behind the Blocks podcast


Amanda Beard

Cyndi Gallagher

Obstacles are speed bumps, not stop signs



  1. Use what you can around you to motivate you to get to a positive place. Strength and energy do not always have to come from inside -- we can borrow them from others. 
  2. Socialization is so important - even during times of physical distancing. 


  1. Fear can get in the way of something that we may be really good at doing. Learning to “shake it off” can help you discover a new calling.
  2. Flexibility in attitude is a skill that can be developed.

Quote of the Week

“We want to celebrate and share our highs, but our lows are just as importa

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