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June 15, 2020

Markos Papadatos: Power Journalist with Passion, Episode #68

Markos Papadatos: Power Journalist with Passion, Episode #68

Living passionately, gaining the trust of others and helping them along their journey is an important component of experiencing success, according to this exclusive interview with power journalist Markos Papadatos. He shares the routines, practices and philosophies that drive his productivity and interviewing style.

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Markos Papadatos is a journalist with 12,000 bylined articles. He’s the co-author of Manifesting Your Dreams which went No. 1 in three Amazon sections: swimming, sports biographies, and grief & bereavement. It was also recognized in Oprah Magazine. For 2020, he was named  "Best Long Island Personality," an honor that has gone to Billy Joel six times.  

Markos started writing about entertainment but got into swimming journalism in September of 2017 and is also the editor of two publications: The Digital Journal and Raver Magazine. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Manifesting Your Dreams on Amazon

ISL, International Swimming League

Pay it forward


Country music

George Jones

Willy Nelson

Dolly Parton

George Strait

Merle Haggard


Criss Angel


Cody Miller

Patsy Cline

Hank Williams Jr.

Mary Chapin Carpenter

Martina McBride

Emmylou Harris

Bonnie Raitt


Caleb Dressel

Michael Andrew

Peter Andrew

Tina Andrew

Nathan Adrian

Ryan Murphy

Jason Leezak

Natalie Coughlin

Phillip Lim

Aaron Peirsol

Rowdy Gaines

Josh Davis



  1. The world can use more kindness and gentleness.
  2. Punctuality is so important to being in the right mindset and shows respect to others. 


  1. If it takes under two minutes, just do it. Don’t wait on things; if you can get it done, just do it.
  2. Helping others makes your own work even more worthwhile. 

Quote of the Week: 

"Success is not success unless it is shared with other people."-- Markos Papadatos

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