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March 3, 2020

Elizabeth Beisel: Finding the Silver Lining, Episode #53, 03-03-2020

Elizabeth Beisel: Finding the Silver Lining, Episode #53, 03-03-2020

Three-time Olympic Swimmer, a USA Team Captain, broadcast journalist and author of the new book, Silver Lining, Elizabeth Beisel gives an authentic interview on what she's been up to lately -- and she gives some great advice to those looking to make the 2020 Olympic Team. She also shares her champion's take on competitiveness, mindset and traits she thinks champions share. 


Elizabeth Beisel is a three-time Olympic swimmer and medalist, multiple NCAA champion for the University of Florida, US Olympic and World Championships team captain, and now retired from swimming.

She is a sports commentator, appeared on CBS’s Survivor television show and just last month launched her new book, Silver Lining. Elizabeth is known for her infectious smile and enthusiasm.   

Episode Topics and Mentions

Leah Smith

Mount Everest

University of Florida

Silver Lining by Elizabeth Beisel

Natalie Coughlin

Ryan Lochte




2008 Olympic Trials

Nelson Diebel

Positive mindset

Madisyn Cox

Ella Eastin

Women empowerment

Takeaways and Action Items


Takeaway 1: Elizabeth is changing her life and not just identifying with swimming - there is always an “after” in life.

Takeaway 2: Reach out and ask for what you want; ask for opportunities. 


Takeaway 1: When a person is going through a hard time, he or she just has to hang in there and be resilient. 

Takeaway 2: Comparison is the root of all evil. When you waste time comparing, you are stealing your own joy and confidence.

Quote of the Week

“Say yes and you’ll figure it out afterwards.” -- Tina Fey

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