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Dec. 8, 2020

Lael Wilcox: Pushing the Limits of Deprivation, Episode #93, 12-08-20

Lael Wilcox: Pushing the Limits of Deprivation, Episode #93, 12-08-20

How can you form the mental fortitude to overcome pain, discomfort and deprivation in order to meet your goals? Elite endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox joins the podcast to talk with Kelly and Maria about how she adapts to natural elements, criticism and her own inner voice to triumph at some of the world’s toughest endurance bicycle races. 

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In 2016, Lael Wilcox was the first woman and first American to win the 4200-mile Trans Am Bicycle Race. Lael also holds the women’s record for the Tour Divide, a 2,745 mile ride from Canada to Mexico.  She also set the fastest known time for the 1,546-mile Baja Divide route from San Diego to San Jose Del Cabo. In 2019, Lael placed 2nd overall in the Silk Road Mountain Race, a 1,061-mile self-supported mountain bike race in Kyrgyzstan.  She is the subject of the film I’m Not Stopping which follows her on the Navad 1000, a 670-mile race with 100,000 feet of climbing where she became only the second woman to finish it.

Keep up with Lael and see updates on her 1,000-mile Alaskan cycling scholarship for women on her social media accounts.

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Trans Am Bicycle Race

Tour Divide 

Baja Divide

Silk Road Mountain Race

Race Across America 

I’m Not Stopping film

Gnome, Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska

GRIT, Girls Riding Into Tomorrow


Specialized Bicycles

Billie Jean King

Lilly King


Race Around Rwanda


Topical steroid withdrawal

The Strike Series by Robert Galbraith



  1. It is so important to connect to nature - go on a bike ride, go for a walk, sit by a tree. 
  2. Remember the enjoyment of self-sufficiency, but recognize the times you need help from others. People need both scenarios.


  1. Deal with suffering by seeing what is good around you in nature, and find ways to be comfortable in the pain and discomfort. 
  2. Reduce fear with facts and statistics. 

Quote of the Week

“The world is big and the mountains are tall and the storms look scary, but as long as you keep moving, you get through it.” -- Lael Wilcox

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