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Jan. 13, 2020

Habits: Making Good & Breaking Bad, Episode #46, 01-14-2020

Habits: Making Good & Breaking Bad, Episode #46, 01-14-2020

We all have habits whether we recognize them or not -- some good, some bad. Making your bed in the morning is a good habit and looking at your cell phone in the middle of an important conversation is a bad habit. 

This episode discusses some of the good and bad habits that we see most often in our experience and what the research says about making good and breaking bad habits. So if you’d like to work on your habits, you’ll enjoy this show!

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Episode Topics and Mentions




Atomic Habits by James Clear

Start with the Why by Simon Sinuk


The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do and How to Change by Charles Duhigg

Red Skin Syndrome


Tips for Forming a New Habit


  1. Do one at a time and start small.  
  2. Commit to two months. 
  3. Anchor it in something you already do or something you see (cue). 
  4. Have accountability - tell someone, put money on the line, etc.
  5. Make it part of your identity. 


Tips for Breaking a Bad Habit

  1. Change the environment.
  2. Know the trigger.
  3. Have a mantra/plan.
  4. Replace the action.
  5. Let go of shame. 


Habits of Kelly and Maria 

Kelly: Working on bad habit to break: Scratching/itching skin

 Working on strengthening a good habit: Journaling

Maria: Work

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