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May 25, 2021

Fear of the Water to Nationally Ranked Swimmer: Brian Bergford Episode 117

Fear of the Water to Nationally Ranked Swimmer: Brian Bergford  Episode 117

How does a person face, and overcome, their worst fears? How can you face your own stories about yourself -- and change them for the better?

Peak performance coach Brian Bergford faced a lifelong fear of having his head submerged in water at the age of 30, when he decided to confront it. Today he is a record-setting Masters swimmer and he joins the show to share his journey with Kelly and Maria -- along with tips for listeners on confronting fears.
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Brian Bergford is a peak performance coach and a champion Masters swimmer.  Despite having a debilitating fear of having his face submerged in water since early childhood, Brian eventually tackled his fear head-on by taking up swimming at the age of 30. He took swimming lessons, joined a Masters swimming program. A little less than 5 years later, he had qualified in 4 events and was competing at the US Masters Swimming National Championships. He has since medaled in 13 USMS National Championship races, is a four-time state champion and holds 4 USMS top 10 times.

Brian is also Certified Dog Trainer (IACP-CDT) and is a dog behavioral specialist. He is a former vice president and member of the board of directors for the International Association of Canine Professionals, and is the owner of Altitude Dog Training and Uptown Dog in Longmont, Colorado. His expertise of the interplay between dog behavior and human psychology gave rise to his first book, Transformational Dog Training: Bring Out the Best in Your Dog by Bringing Out the Best in Yourself.

Episode Topics and Mentions


Dog training

Dog behavior

International Association of Dog Trainers - look up

Altitude Dog Training - look up

Transformational Dog Training - book look up by Brian

Water phobia

Masters swimming

Michael Phelps

Rock climbing

Fear versus phobia

Systematic desensitization




You will experience the range of “emotional guests” -- but don’t let the negative ones get comfortable. At the same time, welcome the good ones and don’t question them. 


Don’t tolerate your own B.S. Own your fears and phobias. 
Quote of the Week

“Sometimes when we think we’re worn down and we’re really tired and we need a break, what we really need is to be inspired.” -- Brian Bergford

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