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July 5, 2022

Order in the Court! Judge Turned Swimmer's Rules for Life: Bob Beach, Episode 162

Order in the Court! Judge Turned Swimmer's Rules for Life: Bob Beach, Episode 162

Today we have an amazing interview with a man whose life reads like a best selling novel. Our enchanting guest served as a Judge for over 50 years, the longest running judgeship in Florida history, presiding over mostly criminal cases. He was instrumental in starting US Masters Swimming, and he is credited with overcoming much of the early resistance to Masters swimming within the swimming community.  He has a swim meet named after him that has been running for 51 consecutive years, the longest in US Masters history! We are talking about none other than swimmer and internationally loved, 91 years young, Robert (Bob) Beach. 

During his high impact leadership career, Bob became an accomplished swimmer having earned multiple US Masters All-American honors,  set national and world record holder in Masters swimming. And he’s been selected as a USMS long distance all star over 10 times!  In 1974,  Bob was the "first judge" to swim from Alcatraz Island across San Francisco Bay, completing the swim in 33 minutes. He also attempted to swim the English Channel on his 50th birthday, but had unfavorable currents causing him to stop.  Bob has visited 140 countries, currently drives a red Porsche convertible and has some interesting rules that he lives by. We can’t wait for you to hear this interview!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and background about today’s guest, Bob Beach.
  • We learn about Bob’s swimming history and how he first started.
  • The impact that Masters Swimming has had on his life.
  • Whether Bob continued working as a judge while swimming.
  • How Bob was able to be a judge for so long and how swimming kept him inspired.
  • What Bob does to keep healthy and happy besides swimming: traveling
  • Why he enjoys body-surfing so much.
  • Some of his favorites out of all the countries he has traveled to.
  • Bob shares some highlights from his career as a judge.
  • How old Bob was when he retired.
  • Ways in which Bob keeps his mind active and keeps busy.
  • We find out what Bob’s rules are concerning dating.
  • The routines that he has in his life that make him successful, besides swimming.
  • What he does with all the medals he wins from swimming competitions.
  • Bob tells us a funny story from the Masters Swimming meet he organizes.
  • The traits that he thinks are common amongst champions.
  • Who the people are that positively influenced his swimming career.
  • His approach to overcoming challenges and obstacles in his life.
  • Reasons why he decided to go to law school.
  • A final takeaway message that Bob has for listeners.


“It has had a great impact on my life. I cannot imagine my life without swimming.” — Bob Beach [0:06:37]

“Once you get into a routine like that you get things done.” — Bob Beach [0:17:38]

“I think you have to tell yourself, ‘This will be over some time and you have to not lose your confidence for the future.” — Bob Beach [0:23:00]

“I don’t believe there is another sport like swimming that gets to be that important in peoples’ lives.” — Bob Beach [0:26:23]

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