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June 14, 2022

Dan Lotano: No Swim History at Age 35 to World Number 1 Master in 5 years, Episode 156

Dan Lotano: No Swim History at Age 35 to World Number 1 Master in 5 years, Episode 156

There are many myths about whether Dan Lotano truly did not swim before he quickly broke into the national and world rankings as a 35 year old first time competitive Masters swimmer.  Get ready to hear the inspiring truth about an athlete that ended up under the lane rope in his first race in 2016 and was world number 1 in multiple events in 2021.

Ever think you are too old or busy to start something? Then this episode is for you!  Although Dan has an athletic background, he only really started swimming at age 35 and has achieved immense success as a competitive swimmer. He is a member of the Palm Beach Masters swim team, has been ranked number one in multiple events both in the US and FINA World, and is also a US Masters National record-holder. 

Dan has been able to catapult his swimming career while balancing a full-time job and family, which is a tribute to his passion for the sport. Join hosts Kelly and Maria to learn Dan’s secret to success in this inspirational episode of the Champion’s Mojo podcast!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and background on today’s guest and his achievements, Dan Lotano.
  • We learn about Dan’s swimming history and how he picked up swimming. 
  • What is it about swimming that got Dan hooked on the sport.
  • How much Dan had to learn when he first started swimming.
  • We hear a funny story about an early training experience he had.
  • Dan shares details about his athletic background before he started swimming.
  • The lightbulb moment he had when he swam butterfly for the first time.
  • Details about Dan’s training routines and the role his wife plays.
  • How many corrections Dan required from his coach when he first started.
  • Whether Dan is still learning new aspects about the sport.
  • Find out how many strokes he takes for his freestyle and butterfly.
  • Details about Dan’s tapering routine and his current progress.
  • How he balances competitive swimming with other aspects of his life.
  • A unique method that Dan uses to prepare his mindset before a race.
  • Ways in which Dan pushes through pain during a race or competition.
  • Dan’s approach to staying motivated and inspired for training every day. 
  • The future plans and goals that Dan has for his swimming career.
  • What swimming means to Dan and the role it plays in his personal life. 
  • An outline of Dan and his family diet plan. 
  • We learn more about his full-time job and his current role.
  • The three important things that Dan thinks aspiring swimmers should focus on.
  • Who the biggest inspirations are for him and a final piece of advice for listeners.
  • Find out some fun facts about Dan with a sprinter round of questions.
  • Closing the show with some takeaways from Kelly and Maria for listeners.

Quotes from Dan:

“I wanted something that was more competitive that would be great for my health and just get some mojo back.” 

“I was always athletically inclined but didn’t achieve a sort of level of success that I have been able to have in the swimming world.” 

“It took me a decent while to appreciate just how technical the sport (of swimming) is.”

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