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Oct. 18, 2022

Marathon Swim Champion Morgan Filler: How Ingenuity Might Save Your Day, Episode 177

Marathon Swim Champion Morgan Filler: How Ingenuity Might Save Your Day, Episode 177

If you are an athlete, parent, or someone who is trying to keep multiple balls in the air successfully, you’re going to want to stick around and get some Mojo from today's guest. In this episode are joined by marathon swimming champion Morgan Filler. Morgan’s accomplishments include being a former member of the US National Open Water Team, spending five years on the FINA World Cup Marathon Pro Swim Circuit, winning the 28.2-mile swim around Manhattan, and Morgan becoming an honorary member of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. She's also a coach, a mother, and, after creating her own swimsuit line See Her Swim, an entrepreneur. Today she shares her story with us. From the value of ingenuity to achieving balance in her life, and learning to love her body as it is, tune in to hear some of the profound lessons this inspiring champion has learned throughout her career!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to the impressive career of Morgan Filler.
  • A race in Argentina that was one of the most overwhelming experiences of Morgan’s life and how she got through it.
  • What she learned from this experience in terms of ingenuity. 
  • How she applies this lesson to other aspects of her life.
  • The inspiration and vision behind her swimsuit line See Her Swim. 
  • The ‘Aha!’ moment that propelled her into starting this business. 
  • How Morgan’s greatest obstacle was getting too wrapped up in competition and not having a balanced life.  
  • Morgan’s definition of success for her company.
  • Strategies and routines that make Morgan successful and how she makes herself feel alive.
  • Her approach to nutrition and sleep and how she values downtime. 
  • Morgan’s views on what it takes to be a female athlete and how she grew to love her body as it is. 
  • Learn fun facts about Morgan in the sprinter round of fun questions!
  • Listener's favorites key takeaways from our hosts

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