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Dec. 21, 2021

Steve Mellor: Pursuing the Optimal Version of Yourself, Episode #135, 12-21-21

Steve Mellor: Pursuing the Optimal Version of Yourself, Episode #135, 12-21-21

Are you coachable in life?

Being able to level up and live your life’s true purpose takes focused listening, vulnerability and self-reflection, according to performance coach and former D1 swim coach Steve Mellor. He joins the podcast to talk about his recent switch in careers, how therapy improved his outlook and continues to improve his life, and why incorporating a life coach is so valuable. 

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Steve Mellor is a performance coach and culture consultant who is a former D1 associate head swim coach at Louisiana State University. Steve coached LSU’s Brooks Curry to a spot on the 2021 Olympic Swim team, and Brooks went on to win gold. This was the first time a member of the LSU Swim Team qualified for the US Olympic Team. Steve is the host of the Career Competitor podcast, which is part of the CG Sports Network.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Brooks Curry

Louisiana State University 

Career Competitor podcast

Leadership coaching

Swim coaching

2021 Olympics

Christen Shefchunas




Caeleb Dressel




  1. Listen to yourself and get in alignment with your values. It will guide you the right direction. 
  2. Do not attach yourself to the outcome. Focus instead on the journey and the overall experience. 


  1. Try to figure out what people really want out of life by listening to what they actually want. It’s so important to listen.
  2. Share something about yourself if you are trying to learn about other people. It gets the ball rolling and encourages them to open up to you. 

Quote of the Week

“We have optimal versions of ourselves. We are in control of whether or not we realize that version of ourselves.” -- Steve Mellor 

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