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Great for everyone!

I was turned onto Champions Mojo by my aunt who knows Kelly. It was about swimming abs my aunt knows we have a swimmer so forwarded the link. I’M the one who is completely hooked! I listen as I go walking which was a New Years resolution. The content makes me feel like I’m doing something great for myself and meeting challenges and goals! It’s fun to listen and then bring tidbits back to my girl!

Cullen Jones Interview

I just finished listening to the Cullen Jones interview and I became an instant fan of both him and of this podcast. Will be tuning in regularly! Thanks Kelly and Maria!

Very Helpful!

These podcasts are a great insight into the minds of champions in many different walks of life. Hearing some of them share how they think is very thought provoking and leads to great discussion!

Great conversations

You get to hear from different coaches and athletes, and see what makes them champions in their own ways! Great for athletes as well as non athletes!

Such a great hour!

I have thoroughly enjoyed several Champions Mojo episodes. Hearing various people’s perspectives is so interesting. I totally relate to some experiences and thoughts while others are challenging and give me something to gnaw on. Thank you for letting me enjoy an hour of interesting conversations!!

Inspiring, incredible, insightful

Every single guest gives me a new perspective on life, athletics, and what it means to be a champion. The stories shared between Kelly, Maria, and the guests are raw and extremely motivational. After every episode I am buzzing and filled with happiness. You MUST listen to this podcast!!!

Loved being a part!

These women make podcasting light and enjoyable~ Thank you for letting me share my story, albeit different and abstract, with the world!

Mojo for dreamers

Inspiration for anyone looking to make a positive change. I also love the coaching tips targeted at tackling new challenges and building healthy habits. Great for anyone aspiring to do something great or cast a vision for a larger dream.

Business Owner

Love this podcast! I am not an athlete, but I find the inspiration, resilience, and the other qualities that amazing athletes all seem to possesss informative and motivational to me as well. Its also fun to listen to!

Champion’s Mojo is a wonderful podcast!

“Champion’s Mojo” is an excellent podcast! Kelly Palace and Maria Parker are tremendous hosts with great questions!


Love championship mojo!! From the inspiring stories to the enthusiasm:) I am a masters swimmer and a non masters lady at the gym told me about your podcast. Said she saw one of you at a coffee shop in central Florida and she offered to watch your bikes. I recently really enjoyed the words from the bicyclist who broke his neck and could not just sit there after thinking he was done with his first race back! Keep up the amazing work ladies! Trish

Great Show

Fellow Masters swimmer here. Have really enjoyed listening to your conversations this past year. Love the insight from you both as well as your guests. Thanks for the inspiration!

Great podcast and I know what I’m talking about because my wife is a world-class swimmer

I am a wrestling coach and have 40 years of experience. My doctorate is in health sciences. I highly recommend this podcast. Enjoy!

The right kind of MOJO

I once found a golf ball on the golf course. It was my lucky day! It was a MOJO ball. I preceded to play with it knowing it would give me GREAT mojo during my round. While exploring my smart tv I decided to check out PODCASTS. I’ve never listened to one before. I listened to Champion’s Mojo and I am now hooked! This podcast is filled with a plethora of tips, and personalized experiences from many great athletes and coaches, including the 2 hosts. I’m a Jill if all sports and a master of some- after going through each episode I am confident that the “some” will change to “many” as I continue to strive to be the best that I can be and to be true to myself. I am recommending this to all my triathlon friends, fellow cyclists, runners, swimmers, and those that just WANT TO BE!


A fun podcast with great energy! Love it!

Love this podcast

What a way to pump up my confidence in life. Thank you Maria and Kelly!

Pump up your confidence

Good dynamics between the co hosts! I want to listen to more!

Champions Mojo

Very inspiring and interesting.