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Best motivation podcast!

Take a listen & you’ll be hooked. I’ve been listening for a few years as Kelly & Maria interview athletes in the swimming world & beyond. Call me a big fan. I listen to their best episodes just to get motivated and inspired for my next Masters swim meet. Listen to a few and you’ll be hooked too! And read Kelly’s Leadership book for even more motivation!!

Outstanding Insights - for Sports AND Life!

Kelly and Maria have a wonderful banter themselves and they also are terrific at getting their speakers relaxed while extracting outstanding insights from their guests. In addition, I find ALL of the information shared helpful to my athletic activities, but there is also a huge portion of what their guests share that is equally applicable to every day life. I know I am better equipped to succeed in my practices, competitions and at home after having listened to a number of their episodes. I look forward to my next “binge” listening session of their terrific podcast! JW - H2opolo guy

female athlete led podcast is empowering

Kelly and Maria know swimming and endurance sports so well. They quickly get to the heart of great topics because of their experience, smart questions and being excellent hosts. They validate people and products. They are truly bringing top level mojo to their listeners to leave in a better mental state after listening.

Pure gold!!

As a former swimmer, specifically distance swimmer, instant connection and relatability to and with Kelly. 200, 400, 800, 1500 for life! 😂😇 To top that off, the first episode I listened to was all about Katie Ledecky … not only the quintessential female distance swimmer, but all around phenomenal athlete and role model. Champion’s Mojo is now a staple in my podcast rotation.

Love love love!

So inspiring, it’s always great to hear people reporting on womens sports💖

Really inspiring podcast!

Love this podcast! Super inspiring interviews and love the mini episodes with key lessons. Highly recommend!

I didn’t know how badly I needed this!

I love the topics, as a stay at home mom who feels stuck- listening to these champions is exactly what I need!!!

Get your Mojo Back

Thanks for providing a great podcast. just what I needed to get back on strack and keep pushing forward


Love this podcast! So many nuggets of wisdom. So grateful!

Champions Mojo: Leading by Example

Champions Mojo inspires, empowers and challenges us all to up our game in all walks of life. USA Down Syndrome Swimming met Kelly Parker Palace where she swam for a new national record alongside our competitive swimmers at a Masters swim meet. Kelly is one who leads by example as she celebrated our athletes and supported our Board of Directors with copies of her book “Take Your Mark, LEAD! 10 Ways to Lead Yourself and Others LIKE A CHAMPION”. (A Great Read!) We loved connecting with her, and have enjoyed following the Champions Mojo podcast ever since!


Love these podcasts and guests. Keep it up Kelly and Maria!


Thank you so much for giving us access to your guests and what drives and inspires them to achieve success. Love the uplifting stories and positivity you both bring to your podcast. Keep up the great work and fun interviews!

Entertaining and Inspirational

While I have never been athletic, I enjoy inspirational stories by others who can obtain huge goals. Kelly

Love the Life Lessons

You definitely don’t have to be a swimmer or athlete to relate to this podcast. You can apply these life lessons to anything you are trying to accomplish in life.


I’m loving this podcast. Definitely adding this to my rotation. I’m learning so much from Kelly and Maria!

Great for every stage of life!

This show is absolutely motivating and can speak for every walk of life! I love how each story is different and applicable to our everyday lives.

Informative and Engaging

I'm not a swimmer but this awesome podcast is motivating me to try again! Love the short, informative episodes. Great guests and who knew you could stream music while swimming underwater. So cool. This is a great listen and will inspire the swimmer in you!!

Learned a lot!

I learned all new things by listening to this podcast. Even ifyou aren't an athlete, there are great pearls here.

Great show!

What a fun and interesting podcast! So glad I found it. Love learning more about the games and sports. Bri

Love this

This is a great podcast for swimmers or anyone in sports. I love the mixture of short and longer episodes and the conversation is so open and inspiring!


I like the variety of episode on swimming, the interviews, and it’s informative in an engaging way!-Lady Firecracker

Champions Mojo

Such an honor to be featured in a podcast. I love their easy going and fun banter. It’s interesting to hear about the amazing diversity of successful Masters athletes! Thank you Kelly and Maria!

Fantastic interviews

Maria and Kelly are both champions and always bring to the table great interviews. They are engaging and get the most out of the subject. Great listen or watch. Highly recommend.

Champion’s Mojo for Swimming

Very insightful podcasts for all of the adult athletes out there. A lot to be learned from each one of these folks who all have a different story and path to greatness.

For Swimmers and Athletes young and old”ish”

Kelly and Marie have a friendly rapport that shines while interviewing so many interesting people. Not always about swimming, their content varies enough to make it relatable to anyone looking for inspiration on sport and life. I always feel enriched after listening to their podcast.

Champion’s Mojo

Kelly and Maria are elite accomplished athletes - champions! But listening to them is like visiting with friends, or sisters. They are humble, down to earth, and the advice given in the podcast can apply to any athlete at any level. That being said - the stories shared by them and their guests are phenomenal illustrations of the human spirit and strength that can be found by those dedicated enough to work and fight to be champions. Love this show. ♥️

Champions Mojo.

I have been following this podcast from the very beginning and it has been one of my favorites. Kelly & Maria bring athletes and coaches on to discuss their strategies for achieving high levels of performance. In addition, they draw on their own accomplishments as successful athletes and life coaches to help us amateur, aging, athletes continue t dream, train and perform in our sports and lives.

Learn from champions

Love that the hosts leverage backgrounds reaching elite levels in the world of swimming to bring guests insights on how to perform like a champion. Especially interesting if you enjoy swimming.

Such a breath of fresh air

Getting into the minds and motivations of the best athletes is priceless. Coach Kelly and Maria have a great thing going here. They are positive and upbeat hosts, and this is one of the very few podcasts I've continued to listen to over the years. It was an honor to be able to join them for an episode as I've been a fan of the show for so long. You'll enjoy Champion's Mojo and all the gems of wisdom shared by the hosts as well as the guests!!

Love these two!

I do t know how I got on to listening to these 2 ladies but they are fun, have engaging talks and are part of my running routine! Keep up the great, fun, podcasts ladies!