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June 1, 2021

Michael Andrew: Unconventionality and Unshakeable Faith Paying Dividends, Episode #118, 06-01-21

Michael Andrew: Unconventionality and Unshakeable Faith Paying Dividends, Episode #118, 06-01-21

Are you living up to your true potential? 2021 Olympic hopeful Michael Andrew returns to the podcast to talk about his recent success and embracing his talent and hard work so he never “wastes grace” in his life. He also talks with Kelly and Maria about his mindset change when it comes to competitively swimming the 200 IM -- and how he remains grounded in his faith and family as his clout in the swimming world continues to grow.

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Michael Andrew is a professional swimmer and is an owner of the Michael Andrew Swimming Academy and the New York Breakers team, where he also swims (in the International Swimming League). He first gained notoriety for breaking numerous National Age Group Records in his teens, currently holding more than 100 National Age Group records and has since become a multiple time US National Champion and World Champion for team USA. 

Coached by his father Peter Andrew, Michael credits much of his success to his training style, USRPT, aka Ultra Short Race Pace Training. And his mother Tina, a former professional athlete herself, is the General Manager of the New York Breakers. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Professional swimming

ISL, International Swimming League

NY Breakers

Michael Andrew Swim Academy

200 IM



Long course swimming

San Antonio


Mission Viejo




Caroline Marks 

WSL, World Surfing League

USRPT, Ultra Short Race Pace Training

Lou Sharpe

David Salo

Rowdy Gaines

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Having a strong faith can keep you centered.


With the right mindset, you can become good at those tasks you don’t automatically love. 

Quote of the Week

“I continue to see everything I have as complete grace, I don’t want to waste that opportunity.” -- Michael Andrew

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