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April 16, 2019

Michael Andrew and Peter Andrew: Team up for Success, #7, 4-16-19

Michael Andrew and Peter Andrew: Team up for Success, #7, 4-16-19

Today Kelly and Maria talk with a high-performing elite team, the Andrew family, featuring world champion Michael Andrew and his dad/coach Peter Andrew in Encinitas, CA. What Michael has accomplished at such a young age is beyond impressive. At only 19, he has already been an international sensation, winning a World Championship, multiple Junior World Titles and Junior World records, breaking over 100 age-group records and he just keeps getting faster. Recently, Michael is dominating the TYR Pro Swim Series and has won four national titles at the US Nationals last summer which qualified him in four individual events at this summer’s upcoming World Championships. “Team Andrew” has done this using a unique training method called Ultra Short Race Pace Training (USRPT).  

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On this episode, swimming phenomenon Michael Andrew and his coach-father Peter Andrew share insights to their success that include an unusual training method and an unwavering faith. Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker delve into what makes the Andrew family and larger support group tick and what lies ahead for the 20-year-old swimming phenom.   

Helpful information mentioned in the show:

USRPT: Michael Andrew uses the USRPT training method, which stands for “Ultra Short Race Pace Training” and is based on the idea that training at a higher intensity translate to improved performance.

Dr. Brent Rushall, a professor emeritus at San Diego State University, is the man behind the race-pace training methodologies (USRPT) that Michael Andrew uses to train under his coach and father, Peter Andrew.

International Swim League:  The International Swimming League (ISL) will debut in October as the first professional sports league for elite swimming. It will host a series of competitions in the U.S. and Europe. Tina Andrew, mother of Michael and wife to Peter, was recently named the General Manager of one of four of the professional teams, the New York Breakers.  

Team building advice: Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Palace share insights on successful team building, including the following components: Love, Service, Communication and Trust.

Here are the four steps to building a team that they share: 

1. Be clear on what you want, with specific goals. 

2. Write out your dream team of a support system (evaluating what you already have).

  • Coach/Mentor, someone that has done it
  • Motivator, someone that wants you to succeed
  • Divergent supporter(s), someone that has skills you lack

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