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Dec. 14, 2021

Jillian Best: Giving Life to Others, Episode #134, 12-14-2021

Jillian Best: Giving Life to Others, Episode #134, 12-14-2021

Are you grateful for the gift of health?

Liver transplant recipient and endurance swimmer Jillian Best joins the show to talk about how a hereditary disease, and near death, continues to inspire her to greater heights today. She talks about the importance of organ donation and how she stays motivated to reach all of her goals. 

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Jillian Best is a record-setting endurance open-water swimmer. She swam 52 kilometers (32.3 miles) across Lake Ontario in 18 hours and 36 minutes, becoming one of a handful of people to complete this.  She did it to raise money and awareness about the importance of organ transplants through her Move for Life Foundation.  

Jillian was diagnosed with a condition that attacked her liver at age 15 and at age 22, she started to have liver failure  and was put on the organ transplant waiting list. At age 29, Jillian received her life saving transplant. After she recovered, she went back to swimming and hasn’t stopped since, winning gold medals and breaking records at the 2019 World Transplant Games.  

Jillian’s life since then has been about bringing hope and encouragement to others and raising money for life saving equipment for organ transplants. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Lake Ontario

Endurance swimming

Organ donation

Liver failure

Move for Life Foundation

2019 World Transplant Games

Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia




Prioritizing sleep


Cognitive behavioral therapy


London, Ontario



  1. When you’re going to do something big, say “I’m ready” -- and work to BE ready. Put in the work and time to get to that point.
  2. Sleep is so important and underrated. Having consistent sleep -- and enough of it -- really does trigger better mental/physical health. 


  1. If you’re doing something hard, think about the others you are doing it for to help you feel motivated and grateful.
  2. We can rewire our brains by instilling confidence and positive thoughts, self-talk and mantras.

Quote of the Week

“Whatever it is that will make you really happy, or fulfill you, or fuel your passion - just go for it. It can lead you to better, happier times in your life.” -- JIllian Best

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