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April 27, 2020

Janet Carbin: CBS Survivor & Swimmer Defying Age, Episode #61

Janet Carbin: CBS Survivor & Swimmer Defying Age, Episode #61

*This episode was recorded before the Covid 19 Pandemic changes

Even if you've never watched CBS's Survivor, you'll be motivated and inspired by this interview with (in our opinion) the second-best swimmer ever to appear on Survivor, besides Elizabeth Beisel. At 59 years old, Janet is doing ocean swims four days a week and is breaking gender barriers in the field of lifeguard supervising. Janet is a former Division I swimmer and last season she went stroke for stroke with Beisel in a Survivor swim challenge. You'll hear how Janet used swimming to get to the final 6 of Survivor and how "proving oneself" is the key to success.

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Episode Topics and Mentions


CBS’s Survivor

Survivor: Island of the Idols

Elizabeth Biesel

Olympic Trials

Trenton State

Endurance cycling

US Masters Swimming


New Jersey

Open water swimming

Mental focus

Mindset of the athlete

 Book on shoulder strength

Andreas Roestenberg

Obstacles versus challenges


Trail biking

Turning 60





Sugar addiction

Jamal Shipman

Mama J Enterprises

Contact Janet: Survivor39@shoreboys.net 






  1. Own my age and my abilities - not just the challenges. 
  2. Prepare and work hard to be able to reach success. 




  1. Be direct and honest in our self talk in a positive way. 
  2. We should be learning from everyone - even people who are younger than us. 




  1. Follow new adventures and believe in them.
  2. Be open to meeting new people. 


Quote of the Week: 


"I knew I had to prove myself by making fire. You have to show your value and I've brought that to all parts of my life." -- Janet Carbin


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