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Abbie Fish

Founder, Swim Like A. Fish

Abbie has over 25 years of experience in competitive swimming with 10+ years of elite coaching.  Abbie was a six-time US Olympic trials qualifier, SEC finalist, NCAA qualifier, and two-time USA junior National Champion. Abbie has a BS and MS degree in exercise science from the University of Georgia.  Abbie has worked with thousands of swimmers, including over 100 Olympians and Paralympians, through virtual coaching clinics, conferences, camps and lessons. Abbie is a consistent speaker at National and International Swimming Conferences, is the sports science consultant for the USA Paralympic swim team and Swimming Singapore and a professed swimming nerd. 


Feb. 7, 2023

Use "Book Chapter Theory" to Help with Setbacks: Abbie Fish, Elite Sw…

Champion's Mojo's guest is elite swim coach Abbie Fish, the founder of Swim Like a Fish , a virtual swimming coaching business. Tune in to hear Abbie's advice for setbacks and other important topics like: -Cross Comparisons ...

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