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Feb. 16, 2021

Courtney Shealy Hart: How Organization Builds Confidence, Episode #103, 2-16-21

Courtney Shealy Hart: How Organization Builds Confidence, Episode #103, 2-16-21

Feb. 16, 2021

Georgia Tech head coach Courtney Shealy Hart hates to lose more than she likes to win -- and that competitiveness, along with strong organization and communication skills, drives her coaching to consistently successful heights. Courtney’s techniques helped her break the glass ceiling as one of the first D1, Power 5 Head Coaches of both men and women.  Courtney joins Kelly and Maria to talk about her tangible advice for leading championship teams and how she makes being a busy Mom work while putting in 12 hour days.

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Courtney Shealy Hart is in her 11th year as the head swim coach at Georgia Tech. For most of those years she has been the only woman in the entire NCAA Division I that coaches a combined men’s and women’s program. Courtney not only coaches both genders, but her men’s team is one of the best in the nation. According to SwimSwam’s Swimulator from January 2021, her Yellow Jacket men are predicted to finish as 7th best in the nation.  

At Georgia Tech, Courtney has coached nearly 50 NCAA Championships participants, multiple NCAA All-Americans and ACC Champions and under Coach Hart, 40 program records have been broken. Courtney was herself a two-time Olympic gold medalist, 26-time NCAA All-American, five-time NCAA Champion and a 19-time SEC Champion while at the University of Georgia. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, Georgia

SwimSwam’s Swimulator


Beach volleyball

Columbia, South Carolina

Beth Herald

University of North Florida

Mental health

Sports psychology

University of South Carolina

Anne Marie Wozniak

Susan Tieger



Jenny Thompson

Dara Torres

Amy Van Dyken

Caio Pumputis

Self care

RISE Athlete Mentoring



  1. Open communication is such an important life skill.
  2. Organization is a positive trait -- and it leads to greater confidence. 


  1. Every good choice brings you closer to reaching your goals.
  2. Self care is knowing your limits and prioritizing what you need.

Quote of the Week

“I have the confidence to continue to use my voice, whether it is heard or not; I think it helps me know at the end of the day that I said what I thought needed to be said.” -- Courtney Shealy Hart

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