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Sept. 22, 2020

Chris Ritter: Surge Strength Training, Episode #82, 9-22-20

Chris Ritter: Surge Strength Training, Episode #82, 9-22-20


The role of strength training is underutilized -- but entrepreneur Chris Ritter is trying to change that. In this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria, Chris talks about how strength is the foundation for all athletic growth and how seeking out mentorship from others has helped him succeed in his own business. 


Chris Ritter is the founder of RITTER Sports Performance, offering specific training sets and workouts, in-depth technique tips and analysis and dryland and strength training programs to help coaches make their swimmers faster. 

Leading up to the founding of the RITTER Sports Performance, Chris was both a strength coach and a swim coach for a number of programs at the club and collegiate level, including a professional swim group that was training for the 2008 USA Olympic Trials and the 2008 Olympic Games. Chris Ritter hosts two weekly podcasts: Swim Coaches Base podcast and the SURGE Strength podcast.

Episode Topics and Mentions

RITTER Sports Performance

Dryland training

Cullen Jones

Swim Coaches Base podcast 

SURGE Strength podcast

Masters swimming

Health coaching

Life coaching




Kobe Bryant



  1. Strength training is the basis of athleticism and gaining better endurance.
  2. The role of mentorship is vital, even to people who serve as mentors and coaches. Hire a mentor or a coach.


  1. Creativity is often stimulated through other deep thinking subjects.
  2. Self-care is so important to productivity and success. 

Quote of the Week

"Trying to continually increase endurance and completely dismiss strength is a waste." -- Chris Ritter

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