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March 23, 2021

Zen Through Organization, Episode #108, 3-23-21

Zen Through Organization, Episode #108, 3-23-21

When you are organized with your time and your physical space, your energy is freed up for more cerebral, creative pursuits. Organization can also reduce stress and anxiety, leading to greater harmony at home, at work and beyond. Tune in to hear 10 tips from Kelly and Maria on organizing your life for greater Zen.

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Courtney Shealy Hart



Organized closets



Genevieve Parker Hill 

Google’s Keep app

RISE Athlete Mentoring

Tips to Stay Organized

  1. If it takes less than five minutes, AND it’s important to you, then do it right away.
  2. Put systems in place to stay organized so you can free your mind for other things.
  3. Find a place for everything and always put it there -- so you always know where to find everything.
  4. Don’t trust your memory. Use calendars and lists so you can trust in them to keep you organized.
  5. Streamline and sync calendars and schedules so everyone involved can see them.
  6. Ensure that you have clear spaces, physically and in your time, so you have space to be calm and think creatively. 
  7. Know your priorities and let that lead your schedules. Start with the thing that is most important - what would disappoint you if it didn’t happen?
  8. Helicopter up to make sure your actual life aligns with your priorities. Do this quarterly, at least.
  9. Pay someone else to do things that you CAN do, but should spend time doing other things instead. 
  10. Simplify things in your life. Let things go -- physical items and even items that consume your time. 


Maria - Use the tools in front of you, technology and otherwise, to support your organization goals.

Kelly - Don’t trust your memory. Use the scheduling and organization tools at your disposal to improve your chance for success.

Quote of the Week

“Getting organized is a sign of self-respect.” -- Gabrielle Bernstein

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