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June 25, 2019

Zane Grothe: Big-Hearted Swimming, Episode #17, 6-25-19

Zane Grothe: Big-Hearted Swimming, Episode #17, 6-25-19

Big-Hearted Swimming

On today’s episode, Kelly Palace shares her interview with distance swimmer Zane Grothe that she conducted at the recent Pro Swim Series event in Bloomington, Ind. Grothe talks about how watching himself on video improves his technique and how other swimmers like Michael Phelps, Michael Andrew and Caeleb Dressel inspire him.

Grothe talks about how pushing himself to do his best in the pool has helped him succeed in other areas of life too. He shares a typical training week and what his diet entails with listeners -- and explains the “why” behind his mohawk hairstyle.

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More About Zane Grothe

Zane Grothe is a freestyle swimmer who shines in distance and mid-distance events. He broke the American and U.S. Open records in the 500 yard and 1650 yard freestyle events at the 2017 USA Winter National Championships and is training for a chance to compete on the USA Olympics Swim Team for 2020. Grothe holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Aerospace Engineering and said he hopes to one day work for a space-focused company, like SpaceX or Boeing.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Kurt Cady

Caeleb Dressel

Michael Phelps

Michael Andrew

Niki Nolte

Indiana University

Auburn University

Florida State University

Pro Swim Series

2020 Summer Olympics

Aerospace Engineering



Livestrong Foundation


Love Your Melon Foundation

Thyroid Cancer

Childhood Cancer



Action Items From the Hosts

Maria: Challenge yourself to deal with pain - how much pain can I manage? Pain isn’t a bad thing. Move through pain to become more mentally strong.

Kelly: Inventory whatever you are working on in your life and identify your strengths and weaknesses and then decide to work on your weaknesses.

Quote of the Week: “The seat of knowledge is in the head, of wisdom, in the heart." -- William Hazlitt

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