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Jan. 28, 2020

Zach Harting, Alter Egos for Successs Episode #48, 1-27-20

Zach Harting,  Alter Egos for Successs Episode #48, 1-27-20

Are you ready to step out of your usual persona and step up your performance? Learn about an interesting new tool for creating greater success in your life, whether it is in athletics, work or other areas: the use of alter egos and avatars for success. The use of these tools allows you to put on a persona that is secondary to your natural personality to achieve more. Expert guest on this topic Zach Harting joins the show to share his recipe for alter ego and avatar success.

ABOUT ZACH HARTING: Zach Harting is a member of USA Swimming’s National Team, a 2018 Pan Pacs medalist, a multiple time NCAA All-American, and a school record holder at the University of Louisville. He is an expert on using an alter ego to help his performance, best exemplified in wearing a full Batman/Dark Knight costume poolside at the 2016 Olympic Swimming Trials.

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Batman, Dark Knight


2016 Olympic Swimming Trials

Michael Phelps

Beyonce, Sasha Fierce

Morehead Scholarship

University of North Carolina

University of Louisville


Bike Sebring 12/24 Hours


The Little Engine That Could

Bo Jackson

Tiger Woods

Dewayne Johnson, The Rock 

Gary Hall Jr. 

Arthur Albiero

Kelsi Dahlia

The Flash on Netflix

Honey Badger

Killer Frost

Takeaways and Action Items

KELLY: Takeaways - Alter egos and avatars welcome in authenticity and play. It’s important to connect to your alter ego to feel authentic.

Action item - Channel Killer Frost to embrace cold water for swimming.

MARIA: Takeaways - It can be valuable to channel what you are not - something that appeals to you and therefore is authentic. An alter ego can raise up your teammates.

Action item - Channel the honey badger, be a little tougher and not care what people think.

Quote of the Week

"Sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do. Being able to take the emotion out of it is really important and knowing when to do that, because sometimes feelings are necessary for a great performance". -- Zach Harting

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