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May 16, 2023

Overweight Chef to Elite Ironman: Will Liebig, Episode 207

Overweight Chef to Elite Ironman: Will Liebig, Episode 207
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Can this former overweight chef convince you to do an Ironman? We delve into the captivating story of 38-year-old Will Liebig, a former chef who went from weighing 300 pounds to becoming a high-performing Ironman triathlete. Now he weighs a lean 174 pounds! Will's journey of transformation and inspiration is nothing short of remarkable as he shares his insights, tips, and lessons learned from his incredible journey. Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a fitness enthusiast, or someone seeking motivation to overcome personal challenges, this episode is a treat. And it might inspire you to do great things with your cooking!

Will's best Ironman time (so far) is 9 hours and 15 minutes. According to TriGearLab, the average Ironman time for men is 12 hours and 38 minutes, and the average Ironman finish time for women is 13 hours and 35 minutes. Since improving his swimming leg of the triathlon as a member of Swim Melbourne Masters, Will has become even better as a well-rounded triathlete.

Discover how commitment, consistency, and a supportive community helped Will achieve his goals and how he navigated the rough patches along the way. Don't miss out on this inspiring conversation that will ignite your own champion's mojo.

You'll hear:

  • What motivated Will to drop over 100 pounds
  • Best advice for getting in shape
  • Ironman Chef's approach to healthy but delicious eating
  • How having patience pays off in the Ironman game
  • How grandparents and an uncle played a role in his life
  • The power of love (not just the love of Lane 4)
  • Overcoming grief and alcohol
  • About body dysmorphia
  • Recipe for homemade mayonnaise
  • "Plating" explained
  • Eternal song choice "People Are Crazy" by Billy Currington

Photo Courtesy of Will Liebig after completing the 2023 Boston Marathon

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