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May 26, 2023

Why Not Swim Your First 200 Fly Like Tara Mack? EP 209

Why Not Swim Your First 200 Fly Like Tara Mack? EP 209
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You'll gain inspiration from Champion Tara Mack's positive and adventurous mindset, as she tackles a new swimming challenge, her first-ever 200 Fly, with a lighthearted and determined approach, reminding us that sports should be enjoyed and approached with a "why not?" attitude. You are sure to get a kick out of the fact that Kelly caught Tara behind the blocks just moments before this big swim.

T-Mack (Tara's nickname) emphasizes the importance of sticking to her race plan, focusing on technique in the first hundred, staying strong in the last two 50s, and giving it her all in the final stretch. Her mindset of embracing the challenge and not being overwhelmed by the potential pain of the race is refreshing.

She encourages others attempting their first 200 butterfly to simply go for it, highlighting that it's just master swimming and meant to be enjoyed. The interview showcases her determined yet lighthearted approach to competition, leaving listeners with a valuable lesson in maintaining a positive attitude and having fun as opposed to being too worried about performance.

Tune in for this short but refreshing and motivating interview. And let us know if you are attempting your first-ever 200 fly.  Wait! Is it 200 Fly week on Champion's Mojo?

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