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Dec. 22, 2020

Townley Haas: Courage and Trust, Episode #95, 12-22-20

Townley Haas: Courage and Trust, Episode #95, 12-22-20

Confidence comes when practice, courage and trust come together. Olympic Champion swimmer Townley Haas joins the show to talk with Kelly and Maria about his recent record-breaking swim and how he takes the time to relax in order to be stronger.

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Townley Haas is an Olympic gold medalist swimmer and American record holder.  Townley was part of the Rio Olympic gold medal winning 800 freestyle relay team. He is also a seven-time medalist at the past two world championships, racking up four gold, a silver and two bronze medals. 

During his NCAA career at Texas, he was a 10-time NCAA champion. He also won two gold medals in the 2018 Pan Pacific in the 800 free relay and the 200 freestyle. Most recently,  in the exciting International Swimming League Grand Finals, Townley took down Ryan Lochte’s 10 year old American record (one of the oldest American short-course records) going 1:40.49 in the 200 freestyle.  

Episode Topics and Mentions

Rio Olympics

2018 Pan Pacific Games

Ryan Lochte


Jon Urbanchek


Down time



  1. Have the willingness to go all out -- don’t be afraid to fail.
  2. After you have a training session or experience, take three minutes to debrief and then move on.


  1. Trust your training and trust your coach.
  2. Balance rest and relaxation with hard work. Unplug and have some down time.

Quote of the Week

"A lot of confidence can come from knowing that all my training is going to help me finish out," -- Townley Haas

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