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Nov. 24, 2020

Todd DeSorbo: Relentless Effort, Episode #91, 11-24-20

Todd DeSorbo: Relentless Effort, Episode #91, 11-24-20

Reckless abandon, relentless effort and intestinal fortitude are phrases champions, like Todd DeSorbo and his athletes, live by. And Todd Believes that building relationships and learning as much as you can about, and from, those around you boosts camaraderie, fun and success. College head swimming coach Todd DeSorbo talks with Kelly and Maria about his approach to cultivating fun and accomplishments at UVA and in life.

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Todd DeSorbo is the head coach of the University of Virginia’s men’s and women's swimming and diving programs. In less than three years at UVA, he has created a women’s team that would have been a contender to win NCAA Championships, that didn’t occur in 2020. 

Todd DeSorbo has coached multiple olympians, national champions and NCAA All-Americans. During the 2019-20 season, the UVA women won their 16th ACC title and second ACC title under Todd while setting an ACC record for most points scored at the conference championships -- which earned DeSorbo the 2020 ACC Women’s Swim Coach of the Year. That same year, the men’s team finished second at the ACC Championships, recording the program’s best finish since 2013. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

University of Virginia, UVA

NC State

University of North Carolina

Braden Holloway


David Fox

Simone Biles

Reckless abandon

Relentless effort

University of North Carolina Wilmington

Caitlin Kirsteier


Dave Allen

David Marsh

Dave Salo

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Elizabeth Biesel

Ella Nelson



  1. Go into a new goal with reckless abandon - follow up with relentless effort. 
  2. Learn as much as you can about the people you interact with and be deliberate about building relationships.


  1. When we are having fun, we can reach our peak performance. 
  2. Go to another source when you do not have the answers and use all the resources you have available to you.

Quote of the Week

“Swimming is a hard sport. You don’t 'play' swimming, so anything we can do to make it fun; we will.”  -- Todd DeSorbo, UVA Head Men’s and Women’s Swim Coach

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