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March 14, 2023

Swim Starts Simplified: Free Speed For Your Next Race, Episode 199

Swim Starts Simplified: Free Speed For Your Next Race, Episode 199

This episode is a great Q & A on how to improve your starts off the block with some very basic information, and some lesser discussed deep dives on the topic to give you an advantage in your next race. 

  • Multiple tips for how to improve your pool starts and when to go to the block
  • When the heat before yours finishes, you will hear three short whistles, and then one long whistle. The long whistle indicates that you can step onto the block.
  • Once you are on the block, curl your toes around the front edge, and when they say "swimmers take your mark", lean forward.
  • For Masters you don't have to start on the top of the block; you can start on the edge of the pool or even in the pool.
  • Some pools have a starting wedge behind the block, which is similar to what is used in track and field.
  • When starting, swimmers want to push off with their feet and extend their arms to create momentum.
  • The goal of a good pool start is to have a long and fast glide underwater, which saves time.
  • It’s recommended to practice starting with a coach or experienced swimmer, and filming yourself to see what you can improve.
  • Experts suggests doing dryland exercises to improve your strength and explosiveness off the block, such as box jumps, squats, and lunges.
  • They discuss how the start is the low-hanging fruit for improving swim times.
  • Getting a good start is important because it sets the momentum for the race.
  • Swimmers should aim for a streamlined entry into the water to reduce drag and cut off seconds from their time.
  • The best way to improve starts is to practice regularly, and even doing one start after each practice can lead to significant improvements.
  • The minimum starting depth for any start is five feet eight inches of water to prevent injury.
  • We touch on the issue of goggles falling off during races, and the best advice is to get them off as soon as possible if they become a hindrance. 

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