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Dec. 1, 2020

Self Discipline: A Different Twist, Episode #92, 12-01-20

Self Discipline: A Different Twist, Episode #92, 12-01-20

Dec. 1, 2020

Each day offers new opportunities to recommit to the discipline needed to accomplish our goals, from fitness to financial freedom, and more. So, how do we get our actions to align with our thoughts for greater self discipline, and ultimately, greater freedom? 

Kelly and Maria share six tips that they have developed to increase self discipline, including facing discomfort and focusing on your “why.”

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Jocko Willink 

Jordan Peterson 

Mel Robbins

Keyhole image

Reframing the shame of failure

Fares Ksebati

BHAGS: Big, hairy, audacious goals

Race Across America

Brain cancer research

Topical steroid addiction

Kaizen theory

Couch to 5K programs

Breast cancer

6 Tips for Greater Discipline

  1. Focus on an identity change: Think of yourself as the future person you want to be, i.e. -- an athlete, a successful businessperson, etc.
  2. Discover the “why” of what you are doing: Ground your goal in something meaningful and surround the “why” with emotion.
  3. Build your discomfort muscle: Think of how you will feel when you are done with that uncomfortable thing. An easy way to do it is to take a cold shower each day.
  4. Target small steps: Implement tiny steps toward a goal. Use the Kaizen theory.
  5. Find your weaknesses and strengths: Decide what gets in your way when it comes to achievements -- your distractions, your willpower, etc. Tap into your strengths too -- what time of day are you most motivated? Who inspires you?
  6. Know your best motivation: Rewards, accountability, fear, achievement, power, finance, health and more

**BONUS TIP: Remove shame: Consider failure as simply “more information” for your future self and goals.**

Quote of the Week

"You can eat a whole elephant, one bite at a time." -- Unknown

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