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Sept. 23, 2019

Responsibility to the Rescue -- Episode #30, 9-23-19

Responsibility to the Rescue -- Episode #30, 9-23-19

What does the word “responsibility” mean to you? The topic of responsibility is important if you want to win in sports or life but it is an underrated topic. Merriam-Websters Dictionary’s various definitions center on responsibility consisting of “having a duty,” “being accountable” and “making decisions without another’s authority.” Responsibility, however, has a lot to do with ownership. Hosts Kelly Palace and Maria Parker share their own experiences with taking responsibility for things that have happened in their lives and how they use the word “ownership” as a synonym for “responsibility.”

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Tips for Taking Responsibility for Your Thoughts, Feelings, Words & Actions

  1. Stop blaming and making excuses.
  2. Stop complaining.
  3. Manage your duties.
  4. Keep a schedule.
  5. Avoid procrastination. 

Episode Topics and Mentions


Jocko Willink 

Leif Babin 

Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win

David Goggins

Victim mentality


Side hustles

Joelle Casteix’s Ted Talk 

Red Skin Syndrome

Topical steroids

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Action Items From the Hosts 

Kelly: Avoid procrastination and own what you need to do.

Maria: To avoid “kicking and screaming” and to remind yourself that you are an adult and responsible for your thoughts. 

Quote of the Week

“Being responsible is an enormous privilege.... It's what marks anyone a fully grown human.” - Barack Obama

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