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March 2, 2021

Rebecca Soni: Life's Transitions: Find Comfort in Discomfort, Episode #105, 3-2-21

Rebecca Soni: Life's Transitions: Find Comfort in Discomfort, Episode #105, 3-2-21

Going through a life transition? How can you understand yourself as an athlete? A non-athlete? It is about so much more than the physical, tangible metrics. Rebecca Soni, wants to find ease within effort and inspire others to do the same. An Olympic gold medalist, former world-record holder and co-founder of mentorship program RISE Athletes, she joins the show to discuss aspects of athleticism and post athleticism, such as positive psychology, mindset development. Rebecca also gives examples of how she finds joy and confidence by embracing the present.


Rebecca Soni has earned 22 medals in major international swimming competitions, making a name for herself in the 2008 Olympics when she won a gold medal in the 200 meter breaststroke, setting a new world record. In 2012, she came back and defended her title-breaking her own world record and becoming the first woman ever to break 2:20 seconds in the event.

Rebecca and her friend Caroline Burkle started RISE Athletes in 2015, a mentorship program.  After retiring from professional swimming Rebecca was learning more about aspects of performance she hadn’t even consciously known during her professional swimming career like mindfulness, breathing, yoga and body position. She wanted to share this with young athletes.  Through RISE, Rebecca and Caroline -- along with a team of elite athletes -- are mentoring and training the next generation of young athletes, working with them 1:1 to discover their power in sport and life.  

Episode Topics and Mentions

RISE Athlete Mentoring

Caroline Burckle


Positive psychology

Mindset development

Body awareness



Trail running



Heart condition

Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Lilly King

Depression and Anxiety Toolkit for Athletes



  1. Remind yourself that transitions are hard, even joyful ones, so give yourself grace.
  2. Be in the moment and observe the joy in the things right in front of you.


  1. Listen to your inner voice and then let go of everything else -- allow yourself to flow.
  2. Connecting with other beings can ground you.

Quote of the Week

“Making space in my life for the simple things has drastically helped me to just connect into myself and feel more grounded.” -- Rebecca Soni

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