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Champion's Mojo


Best Selling Author. Breast Cancer & 9/11 Survivor. Former NCAA D1 Head Coach & All-American. World Record-Setting Masters Swimmer. Award-Winning Podcaster. Former Pfizer Pharmaceutical Manager. Top Producing Sales Professional.

Kelly is passionate about leadership and peak performance, that’s why she loves talking with champions. She has lived leadership and learned it, first as an NCAA D1 champion athlete and coach, then as a writer for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals’ magazine and the host of their audio show to motivate its 12,000-member sales force. As the current host of the award-winning podcast, Champion’s Mojo, she gets access to the secrets of champions through interviews with Olympians, Olympic coaches, journalists, celebrities, physicians, and other inspiring leaders. She’s also has been an executive coach who has worked with top-level executives, medical experts, entrepreneurs, elite athletes and coaches.  In 2021 Kelly was ranked FINA World #1 in four individual events for Masters Swimming.

Her book Take Your Mark, LEAD!  hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller Lists in 2021 in 5 categories (Swimming, Sports Essays, Women’s Sports, Sports Broadcasting and Olympic Games) and was published in April 2021. Kelly broke glass ceilings in NCAA Division One coaching, received seven promotions in ten years at Pfizer (earning a record-high sales bonus), and built a successful real estate business. She also co-founded ITSAN.org, an international charity that is changing the way the medical condition of eczema is being treated, helping millions of people around the world.

While Kelly has experienced outstanding achievements, her life has been filled with many hardships too. Having learned from these lessons, she now sees the bright side of her adventures as a survivor of breast cancer, 9/11, divorce, topical steroid withdrawal syndrome and caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s. She lives with her husband of almost 20 years, Mark Palace, in Viera, Florida, where they like to swim, play ping-pong, ride bikes, and photograph nature.

She holds a Master’s in Education from the University of Arkansas and a Bachelor’s in Communications from NC State University. In 2021, she completed the Women in Leadership program from the Harvard Extension School for Professional Development and loves championing others to lead their best lives.