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Feb. 4, 2020

Nathan Adrian: Passion Project, Episode #49, 02-04-2020

Nathan Adrian: Passion Project, Episode #49, 02-04-2020

Learn why Nathan Adrian calls swimming his "Passion Project" and what he's planning for his next big challenge. This interview marks the one year mark since Adrian returned to the pool after surgery and treatment for testicular cancer. He shares what he's learned, how he's used marginal improvement to help guide his success and how he sees things very differently now. We guarantee you'll be inspired!

ABOUT NATHAN ADRIAN: Earning five Olympic gold medals and 27 gold medals in international competition, Nathan  is referred to by many as the swimming sprinting G.O.A.T.  His heart stopping Olympic victory in the 100 meter free in 2012, by 1/100th of a second, is still one of the most memorable races in Olympic history. Then in 2016 Nathan was on the podium again twice individually for the 50 and 100 meter free races. 

Adrian is a professional swimmer, swimming for the L.A. Current and his main sponsor is Speedo. Collegiately Nathan was a multiple time NCAA champion at Cal Berkeley and impressively was recently their Winter Commencement speaker in 2018. He has recently battled back to the top of the health podium after getting a testicular cancer diagnosis after early detection. 

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Michael Phelps

Katie Ledecky

Natalie Coughlin

Jason Lezak

Dara Torres

Gary Hall Jr.

L.A. Current

ISL, International Swim League

Tokyo Olympics

2020 Olympics

USA Swimming Foundation

Testicular cancer

Early cancer detection


British cycling team

Marginal improvements

Block Doku

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Kelly and Maria’s Takeaways 

KELLY: Takeaways - Use incremental improvements, pick small actions to pursue to add up to bigger successes.

Execution is the most important thing; take out the emotion and just execute.

MARIA: Takeaways - When shooting for an important goal, plan for future happiness and goals after the goal is met. 

How can you be the “shoulders” for other people?

Quote of the Week

"I definitely believe in those marginal improvements and maintaining a high level of integrity in everything that you do instead of trying to make one drastic jump from one to the next " -- Nathan Adrian

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