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Oct. 6, 2020

Michael Chadwick: Be Your Best Self, Episode #84, 10-06-20

Michael Chadwick: Be Your Best Self, Episode #84, 10-06-20

Understanding the importance of long-term planning -- and being the absolute best version of yourself on the path to future success -- takes patience, hard work and appreciation for the support team in your life. In this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria, world champion swimmer Michael Chadwick shares several examples of how pairing patience with persistence has paid off. 


Michael Chadwick is a world champion and an American sprint freestyle swimmer who is currently a member of the Toronto Titans professional swim team. Chadwick made his international debut at the 2016 FINA World Swimming Championships in the 25-meter race, helping multiple U.S. relays win medals. 

Chadwick qualified for the 2017 U.S. World Championships team as a member of the 400-meter freestyle relay. He placed fifth at U.S. Nationals.

In 2018, Chadwick swam as part of the 4x100 Freestyle relay team for the U.S. in the 14th FINA World Championships. The relay team set a new world record.

As a swimmer at the University of Missouri, Chadwick received 22 All-American honors.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Toronto Titans professional swim team

International Swim League, ISL

University of Missouri

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, NC

Mark Gangloff

Postponement of 2020 Olympic Games

400 freestyle relay


David Marsh


Squatty Potty

CG Sports Network

Having a purpose driven life

What is your why?

Health coaching

Life coaching

Indianapolis Natatorium

Joe Dispenza



  1. Trusting yourself when it comes to change and seeking out things that feel like a better fit is vital to personal growth.
  2. Everyone has different talents and abilities but we can always be the best version of ourselves, right now. 


  1. When you are new at something, the belief in the support system around you is so helpful and valuable. 
  2. Long-range planning and accepting that some things may take more time than you’d like is a key to long-term success. 

Quote of the Week

“We are formed more by our disappointments than our successes. Success is fleeting, but there is some sort of fire that comes out of disappointment that is indescribable." -- Michael Chadwick

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