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May 5, 2020

Mary T. Meagher Plant: Career in Perspective, Episode #62, 5-5-2020

Mary T. Meagher Plant: Career in Perspective, Episode #62, 5-5-2020

Mary T. Meagher Plant is a swimmer who broke the mold in how fast one can swim butterfly, earning her the nickname Madame Butterfly. She broke the world record five times and held it for 21 years --  35 years after her top swim performances, her world record time would have still made all Olympic teams including 2008, 2012 and 2016. In this exclusive interview, she shares advice for people who are currently dealing with their dreams being postponed. 

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Episode Topics and Mentions

Butterfly stroke

200 long-course butterfly

Olympic Trials

Mel Stewart



Cal Berkeley

Omaha, Nebraska




1980 Olympics

1984 Olympics

1988 Olympics






  1. Even when timing is bad, we are not victims. Reframe disappointments to opportunities. 
  2. Arrive at the grave having gone all out in life. 


  1. Mary’s take on counseling, especially for young adults, is refreshing. Having someone to talk to can make a big difference. 
  2. Owning the concept of obedience can be very helpful, especially when someone knows more than you do. 

Quote of the Week: "I learned how to be happy with the smallest things in life, like a flower blooming. That helped my transition out of swimming" Mary T. Meagher

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