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March 21, 2023

Take Your Swimming to New Heights with Top Masters Coach Mark Kutz, Episode 200

Take Your Swimming to New Heights with Top Masters Coach Mark Kutz, Episode 200
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If you want to take your swimming to new heights this interview is for you! You'll hear great stories, tips and advice for getting faster from the extraordinary Masters Swim Coach Mark Kutz, of NOVA Aquatics of Virginia. Join Kelly and Maria for the 200th episode of Champion's Mojo!

Just a few of the topics and stories:
1) A new masters swimmer that has gone from barely being able to swim to darn fast!
2) The 3 most important things Masters Swimmers need to be doing
2) Why just swimming laps may be hurting your progress
3) What kind of sets that will make you faster for longer races
4) A mile that Coach Kutz swam where a piano fell on his back
5) The importance of enthusiam
6) The history of broken-mile-Friday
7) (Almost) everything you need to know about this magical swim coach, Mark Kutz!
8) And as always.....Kelly and Maria wrap the interview with their popular TAKEAWAYS!

Coach Kutz has been coaching with NOVA Aquatics of Virginia in the Richmond Virginia area since 2002 and before that with many of the top clubs in the Richmond area, coaching both youth and Masters swimmers for decades. Mark swam at the division 1 level at VCU and earned a degree in Health and PE and was captain of the swim team his last two years. Mark has coached many US National Masters Champions as well as world-record holders. 

He's also a Masters Swimmer himself. What Mark’s resume doesn’t officially show is that he’s encouraged and inspired young kids in the NOVA program who have gone onto be Olympic Champion’s and while he wasn’t the “coach of record” he worked with these champion’s when they were developing. 

Mark is a certified level 4 US Swimming coach. In 2012, he won USMasters swimming’s Kerry O’Brien Coaching award, which is given in recognition of coaches who have done a great job in building strong USMasters membership in local communities. He has contributed regularly to the US Masters Swimmer magazine.

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