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Oct. 27, 2020

Lilly King & Cody Miller: Training Partner Power, Episode #87, 10-27-20

Lilly King & Cody Miller: Training Partner Power, Episode #87, 10-27-20


Friendships don’t need to be overly sentimental or obviously well-matched to be a good fit, as elite American swimmers and training partners Lilly King and Cody Miller share in this exclusive interview with Kelly and Maria. The pair discuss their unconventional ways of motivating each other and how their training partnership has improved their swimming and lives.

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Lilly King and Cody Miller train together at Indiana University in Bloomington under coach Ray Looze and have an amazing friendship. Both are breastrokers that walked away from the 2016 Rio Olympic Games with some serious hardware. Lilly won two golds in the 100 breaststroke and 400 medley relay, while setting a world record. Cody earned a gold medal in the 400 medley relay and a bronze in the 100 breaststroke.  

At IU, Lilly accomplished the unprecedented four-peat of winning NCAA titles in the 100 and 200 breaststroke and Cody earned multiple All-American honors. Cody is the first professional swimmer to be sponsored by Endless Pools and his YouTube channel, The Adventures of Cody Miller, has nearly 150,000 subscribers.  

Episode Topics and Mentions

Power Partnership Series

2016 Rio Summer Olympics

2021 Tokyo Summer Olympics

Indiana University

The Adventure of Cody Miller YouTube channel

Endless Pools

Jack Roach

Michael Phelps

Michael Jordan

The Last Dance documentary

Ali DeWitt


The Weight of Gold documentary

Fear of failure



  1. Friendship can be great when you are just “being there” for someone, or when they walk beside you. 
  2. The fear of failure can be a great motivator. 


  1. Humor is a great component to strong relationships.
  2. “Try on” some different friends or colleagues and see who might be a good fit for your life. 

Quote of the Week

On Training Partners:

"It's a much less lonely journey when you have someone going through the same thing." -- Lilly King

"Having someone that's on your same wavelength makes practice so much better." 

-- Cody Miller

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