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Feb. 18, 2020

Leah Smith: All Out and Having Fun, Episode #51, 02-17-2020

Leah Smith: All Out and Having Fun, Episode #51, 02-17-2020

Do you have the guts to take an endurance race out hard and hold on? Leah Smith does. You'll love listening to Leah's tough mindset and her thoughts on racing and life.  An Olympic gold medalist, World Champion and multiple-time NCAA champion, Leah is known by her teammates as a joy to be around. You'll be inspired by this fun and genuine interview. 


Leah Smith is an Olympic gold medalist as part of the USA’s winning 800 freestyle relay team at the 2016 Olympics and the second-fastest US swimmer in the 500 freestyle. She has also won an individual Olympic bronze medal in the 400 freestyle event. Leah swam collegiately at the University of Virginia where she dominated the distance freestyle events and went on to win multiple conference and NCAA titles in the 1650 and 500 freestyle event. She is a professional swimmer for the LA Current and she is sponsored by TYR. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

University of VIrginia

Google Calendar


Smith Performance Center

Strength training


University of Arizona

L.A. Current Professional Swim Team, ISL

Augie Busch

Stephanie Peacock


Elizabeth Biesel

Steve Prefontaine

Without Limits (movie)

“Going all out” mindset

John Mayer

Takeaways and Action Items


Leah uses reflection to put stock in herself. She took two months off to reflect in 2017. People kept asking her “What are you going to do?” and she took her time and decided for herself. 

Leah is willing to embrace new adventures in life.

Action Item: Be willing to go all out and just put it all out there.


Leah pushes through excruciating pain and just hangs on -- she’s willing to put herself on the line.

Confidence and good inner self talk is huge for Leah.

Action Item: Be more adventurous.

Quote of the Week

"When your body and your brain are screaming at you, you can tap into that other voice that says, I've put in the training and I can do this." -- Leah Smith

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