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Nov. 2, 2021

Karen Allen: From Tragedy to 100% Human, Episode #131, 11-02-21

Karen Allen: From Tragedy to 100% Human, Episode #131, 11-02-21

We have a responsibility to share our struggles with others -- even the most tragic.

Keynote speaker and author Karen Allen joins the podcast to talk about how the still-unsolved murder of her husband drives the work she does today to help others embrace the “beauty in the mess” of their lives.

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Karen Allen is a keynote speaker, author, podcaster and executive leadership coach who helps others embrace the mess of their lives through her 100% Human brand. After losing her husband to a still-unsolved murder, Karen also lost her car, her job and her home in her despair. To save her own life and build a better one for her son, she began the work of healing -- step by step -- and in the process found her calling to help others work through the pain and conflict in their own lives, and use it for good. Learn more about Karen Allen on her website

Episode Topics and Mentions

Karen Allen’s website

Karen Allen's podcast 100% Human

Growth mindset

Karen Allen’s Ted Talk


Murder victim

Cold case

The Shack by Willliam P. Young


Personal healing


Stop and shift mentality

Mental strength

Mental wellness

Mental performance

The Great Work of Your Life by Stephen Cope




  1. Find one simple tool that helps you get through a hard day or to build a new habit -- and you will be stronger over time.
  2. Connect with someone else when you are in a traumatic or difficult situation, even if you don’t talk. Do not isolate yourself.


  1. Look back and see how long it’s been since the last time you did something you are trying to change, and compare behavior to how you were before -- not to how you want to be later.
  2. Productive venting is important to say how we really feel, in a safe place. Then once your feelings are out, decide what you want to do next to move forward.

Quote of the Week

“People think that acceptance means that everything’s okay. Acceptance is acknowledging your starting point and just saying, “Okay, I acknowledge where I am, I accept where I am and now I can choose more clearly what direction I want to go.’” -- Karen Allen

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