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Aug. 18, 2020

Josh Prenot: Olympian Shares the Secret of Focus, Episode #77, 8-18-20

Josh Prenot: Olympian Shares the Secret of Focus, Episode #77, 8-18-20

Staying focused on the task at hand -- and not allowing the big picture to overwhelm you -- is one of the keys to Olympian Josh Prenot’s success. In this exclusive interview, Josh talks about his life as a professional swimmer and the advice he would give to others to get a champion’s mindset.

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Josh Prenot is an Olympic silver medalist and American record holder in the 200m breaststroke.  A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, Josh’ s college career culminated with a gold medal just kept getting better in a college career that culminated in 2016 with a gold medal at the NCAAs in the 400 IM. He followed that with a win and an American record in the 200m breaststroke at the Olympic trials and a silver medal in the 200 m breaststroke in the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

Josh Prenot has been swimming since he and his mother did “mom and me” swim lessons as a baby. Josh is from Santa Maria, California and graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Physics degree. He is currently a professional swimmer sponsored by Adidas and in 2019 was named a member of the LA Current ISL team. He married his long time girlfriend, Tiffany Sudarma, in Indonesia in a wedding photographed by People Magazine. 

Episode Topics and Mentions


Tiffany Sudarma

University of California, Berkeley

ISL, International Swim League

L.A. Current, ISL team

People magazine


San Francisco Bay Area

Aquatic Park in San Francisco




Tom Shields

Nathan Adrian

Natalie Coughlin

Internal motivation

Working hard vs. trying hard

The pitfalls of multitasking



  1. Do the thing that you need to do in that moment, right now. Do not let the big picture overwhelm you.
  2. The technique of debriefing helps you understand where you’ve succeeded and where you can improve, and it applies to all areas of life. 


  1. Stay in the moment, paying attention to the process. You can control process more than outcome.
  2. Internal motivation involves being focused on what you can do and staying in your own lane to reach success. If you are doing anything for someone else - or are externally motivated - you will end up disappointed or dissatisfied. 

Quote of the Week

"My best time management is done by never multi-tasking, only considering the task at hand and doing that really well and then moving on to the next thing." -- Josh Prenot

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