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Oct. 28, 2019

Jack Bauerle: Nice Guys Finish First, Episode #35, 10-28-19

Jack Bauerle: Nice Guys Finish First, Episode #35, 10-28-19

Learn from legendary swim coach Jack Bauerle how relationships can be key to success. Bauerle has been the head men’s and women’s swim coach at the University of Georgia for 40+ years and is known for being a "nice guy." In this interview, Bauerle talks about how friendships in his life have led to his success and shares some surprising passions and the importance of family.

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More About Jack Bauerle

Jack Bauerle is in his 41st year of coaching at the University of Georgia, making him the longest tenured head coach in Georgia history. This fall he was nominated for the prestigious 2019 Golden Goggles Awards for National Coach of the Year. Bauerle reached the pinnacle of success when he was selected as the USA’s Olympic head women’s swimming coach in 2008 and assistant coach in the last two Olympics. His teams have also won seven NCAA team titles (as recent as 2016), and he’s coached an impressive number of Olympians, All-Americans and SEC champions. 

Episode Topics and Mentions

Leigh Ann Barnes Handbags and Accessories

Athens, GA

Chris Davis - Swim Atlanta coach

Tom Tuggle (His English teacher)

Vince Dooley

Dan McGill 

Jim Donnan 

Hayley Filsinger

Kara Lynn Joyce

Gunnar Bentz

Mary DeScenza

Melanie Margalis

Jon Urbancheck

Dick Shoulberg- Germantown Academy

Bob Bowman

Courtney Sheely 

Christy Cowell 

Dan Laak, USA Diving

Harvey Humphries

Carol Capitani 

Brian Schrader

Carol Beck

Action Items From the Hosts 

Kelly - Be more playful in life, and not so serious. Say things in a nice way, even when I'm stressed. 

Maria - Write a handwritten note to someone each day and embrace the motivation of the fear of failure. 

Quote of the Week

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -- Maya Angelou

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