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Jan. 5, 2021

Injured or Ill? Get Back on Track, Episode #97, 01-05-21

Injured or Ill? Get Back on Track, Episode #97, 01-05-21

Injury and illness happen to everyone, particularly athletes who train consistently, year after year. How can you make the most of the time needed to heal -- both physically and emotionally? Life and health coaches Kelly and Maria share tips for coming back from injury and illness that will improve your resiliency, outlook and comeback. 

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Techniques for Healing

  1. Set aside time, on your calendar, for healing (both physical and mental).
  2. Take the rest you need to ensure the injury or illness is truly healed.
  3. Learn and educate yourself about your illness or injury. 
  4. Show yourself self-compassion and listen to yourself and your body.
  5. Move in whatever way you can in that moment.
  6. Create a “while I’m injured” goal -- work towards something that is possible to do or accomplish while you are recovering.
  7. Visualize your peak performance, over and over, and write your future headlines.
  8. Sleep well, fuel yourself well, limit negativity on social media and other sources.
  9. Remember the process is not linear; healing happens in a zigzag fashion.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Athletic injury


Alzheimer’s disease

Morning sickness

Pelvic stress fracture

Torn ACL

Physical therapy


You Can Heal Yourself, by Dr. Julie Silver

Harvard Medical School

RICE - Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Recumbent bicycles

Listening to your gut and intuition


Alternative treatments

Rick Walker

Sarasota Sharks

Virginia Masters

Tom Bilyeu’s Impact Theory podcast

Fight or Flight mentality



Balance board

Neuroscientist David Eagleman 


Dr. Martin Rossman

Guided Imagery


The Personal Accelerator 

Quote of the Week

"When we are recovering from an injury or illness you need to plan into your day, on the calendar, what you are going to do both physically and mentally to get back on track. And go easy on yourself. Listen to your heart." -- Julie Silver, MD, Harvard Health

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