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Nov. 14, 2022

Ice and Extreme Open Water World Record Setting Swimmer Barbara Hernandez Endures Danger, Episode 182

Ice and Extreme Open Water World Record Setting Swimmer Barbara Hernandez Endures Danger, Episode 182

Barbara Hernandez, World Open Water Swimmer of the Year (2020) is known as the Ice Mermaid.  She recently broke two world records in some of the world's most dangerous waters. From deadly ice water temperatures to poisonous creatures she has encountered in open waters,  she shares how she manages to excel at ice and extreme open water swims. Discussing an event she finished without the use of her one leg after a Man-o-war jellyfish attack. Barbara also shares with us how she sets no limits on herself,  trains for these glacier swims, how her body responds to the cold water, and the benefits she experiences.  

Barbara is from Santiago, Chile, and is on a mission to inspire others to dream big.  She’s on a journey to swim in all seven of the world’s seas. She has accomplished many records in the open water swimming world, breaking two in some of the worlds most dangerous waters. In our discussion with today’s champion, we hear from her how she prepares her mind and body for things most of us wouldn’t even dream of attempting! Tune in for today’s episode of Champion’s MOJO! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Barbara got the nickname Ice Mermaid.
  • How she prepares, mentally and physically, to swim in the cold glacier waters.
  • How they monitor her temperature and cardiac activity.
  • She shares other ice swimmers that have inspired her.
  • The longest time she’s spent [swimming] in cold water.
  • How cold water affects her, and the benefits she experiences.
  • The difference between swimming in cold versus warm water.
  • The role focus plays in her preparation for cold water swimming.
  • How they discern when she’s had enough cold; preventing hypothermia.
  • She tells us about some of the dangerous creatures she’s come across while swimming.
  • She shares her personal why behind her goals.
  • Obstacles she’s overcome and how she navigates these challenges.
  • Her advice to someone who wants to dream big.
  • How she deals with fear.
  • What’s next for Barbara.
  • She tells us about the Winter Swimming World Championships. 
  • More about her dream and where it started.
  • Barbara’s rapid-fire answers!
  • Maria and Kelly share impactful takeaways from the interview with Barbara.

“For me, these swims, in the cold water, in the long distances, in the most dangerous places is my opportunity to talk about the importance of dreaming big and giving our hearts and actions to those dreams.” — Barbara Hernandez

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