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March 24, 2020

Gary Taylor: Stepping Up for Auburn Swimming, Episode #56, 3-24-2020

Gary Taylor: Stepping Up for Auburn Swimming, Episode #56, 3-24-2020

Auburn University’s men's and women's swimming head coach, Gary Taylor, is finishing his second year and looking to return this program to the top of the NCAA. Auburn has a storied history of winning 13 NCAA titles. With 10 successful years as an assistant at two powerhouse division one teams where he played a major role in their successes, Gary could have had his pick of head coaching jobs but he was inspired to step up to lead Auburn. In this in-depth interview Gary, talks about championship character and how it leads to success.

*This episode was recorded before the Covid 19 Pandemic changes


Gary Taylor is the head men’s and women’s swimming coach at Auburn University. Gary is only in his second year at Auburn and looking to return this program to the top of the NCAA. 

Prior to Auburn, Gary put in 10 very successful years as the associate head coach and assistant coach positions at two powerhouse Division I teams -- six years at NC State and four years at Florida State. He also coached at the club level and has a total of 19 years of coaching experience.

Episode Topics and Mentions

Auburn University

NC State University

Florida State University

Champion character

Eddie Reese

John Asmuth

David Marsh

Richard Quick

Brett Hawke

Southeastern Conference

Recovery for swimmers/athletes

ISL, International Swim League

L.A. Current

U.S. Derby

Rowdy Gaines

Charles Barkley

Frank Thomas

Bo Jackson

Cam Newton

Aly Tetzloff

Takeaways and Action Items


Takeaway 1: Having champion character BEFORE you reach the biggest opportunities leads to success when your big chance arrives. Gary Taylor lives in the uncomfortable.

Takeaway 2: Recovery is important. Go hard, endure -- and then rest.


Takeaway 1: Gary loves to test himself against the best and push his personal and career boundaries daily.

Takeaway 2: Can confidence be created? Gary believes that confidence is learnable with practice and is very important in life. 

Quote of the Week

“I play a role in helping build confidence and teaching that the impossible is possible." -- Gary Taylor

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