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Feb. 17, 2023

Flip Turns in the Pool and in Life, Episode 194

Flip Turns in the Pool and in Life, Episode 194

Masters swimmers, are you ready for an engaging and fun discussion between Kelly and Maria, about the topic of flip turns in swimming and how it can relate to life? You'll find today's show relatable whether you are an experienced swimmer, or brand new to flip turns!

One of the best parts of the podcast is the story that Maria shares about her struggle with flip turns, and then Kelly helps break it down into different parts, providing an example of how to approach learning a flip turn. You'll also hear tips and advice on how to improve flip turns and make them more efficient.

Another great aspect of this show is how the Kelly and Maria relate flip turns to life, discussing how the ability to adapt and learn new things is important in both swimming and everyday life. They also touch on the importance of patience and persistence in mastering new skills, and how it can help build confidence and self-esteem.

We hope you'll find this show an enjoyable and informative listen, with a good balance of personal stories, practical advice, and insights into the broader themes of personal growth and development. We love masters swimming! 

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