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May 22, 2023

Find Flow For Your Fly with Brodie Hynes: MIT Grad, Coach & National Champion, Episode 208

Find Flow For Your Fly with Brodie Hynes: MIT Grad, Coach & National Champion, Episode 208
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Today's guest, Brodie Hynes, is flowmazing! He's an MIT  graduate who studies hydrodynamics, is a coach and a national champion swimmer himself.   Brodie shares insights and tips on swimming the 200 butterfly event, emphasizing the importance of not being afraid it and maintaining a smooth and flowy technique. You will also learn what throttling means, as Kelly  and Maria did. 

He also discusses training strategies and some valuable sets to help anyone prepare to swim this grueling event.  The conversation highlights Brodie's sense of humor and his perspective on diving into the water as a rewarding experience. 

Listeners will gain valuable swimming advice and enjoy Brodie's witty and engaging personality.  Witty Wordplay: 

  1. Flowmazing: Reflect the seamless and amazing flow of movement in the water during swimming.
  2. Hilarifamilish: Highlight the humorous and family-like atmosphere that brings joy and laughter to swimming practices and meets.
  3. Throttlesplash: Emphasize the powerful and energetic splashing that occurs when swimmers throttle through the water with different speeds.
  4. Team Chit-Champion: Capture the camaraderie and playful banter that takes place among teammates, elevating the team spirit to champion levels, while sometimes creating stuff that sounds good if people don't volunteer it .

Sets that may help you build yourself up for a 200 fly:
10 x 50 fly with 30 seconds rest between each
10 x 100 alternate fly and free with 30 seconds rest between
10 x 100, 75 free 25 fly with only 15 seconds rest and hold the same pace. 

And remember, if you sign up for it, then you should believe you can do it! 

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