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June 21, 2022

Fastest 50-Year-Old Woman Ever, Erika Braun, Episode 158

Fastest 50-Year-Old Woman Ever, Erika Braun, Episode 158

There's never been a faster 50-year-old woman swimmer than Erika Braun. Learn her secrets to being so fast and much more.  In today’s show, we speak with Erika, who holds 18 FINA Masters Swimming world records and swims for the North Carolina Masters . We check in with Erika on her 10 year anniversary of the amazing feat of making USA Olympic Trial standards as a 40 year old. This tough champion has continued her world bests for the last decade. She balances a full time job with training. Recovered one year ago from back surgery. And gets inspiration from her husband, Eric, who has a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis, is her biggest supporter and cross-training partner. 

Although Erika left the sport for many years due to burnout from the pressures of competitive swimming, she re-entered the sport as an older athlete, but this time on her terms. Erika feels her openness to learning and improving, mental preparation, and the supportive role of her swimming community, have been key to her success. 

In this chat, we learn about Erika’s swimming background, her use of visualization, the goals that she has set for herself, what it is like competing as an older athlete, the ways Erika prepares for races, who the inspirations are that keep her motivated, her ideal daily-routine, and so much more. Tune in to hear from a dedicated champion who is making big waves in the pool: Erika Braun!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and a brief rundown of Erika’s swimming background.
  • Erika reflects on the last 10-years in her swimming journey.
  • What are the goals that she has for herself as an older competitive swimmer.
  • How long she has been training with her teammates and the supportive role they play.
  • The differences between competing at age 40 compared to age 50.
  • We find out Erika’s ideal training schedule and what she does differently.
  • Erika’s mental approach to achieving the goals she has for herself.
  • Ways in which Erika uses visualization to prepare for a race or competition.
  • Other routines and methods that help Erika be successful and maintain a balanced life.
  • Who the people are that inspire her to be successful and reach her goals.
  • We learn what her recent world record was in the 100-meter sprint.
  • The role that swimming plays in her life and how she keeps motivated.
  • The ways in which Erika forms her goals and measures her success.
  • Some advice that Erika has for listeners to become faster swimmers.
  • Erika's message that she has for listeners who want to swim competitively.
  • We close the interview with our famous sprinter-round of fun questions for Erika.
  • Finally, Kelly and Maria give their own Takeaways from the interview. 


“If you do get inspired by competing, just having that goal to work towards is really key.” — @ErikaSwims [0:05:18]

“It’s my competitive outlet because I really do enjoy competing. It’s my social outlet but it’s also my stress outlet.” — @ErikaSwims [0:12:18]

“There is no limit on what you can do as an older athlete, as an adult. I think we swim smarter.” — @ErikaSwims [0:29:19]

“Even though a lot of those meets may not be successful in your mind, it is a

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