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Jan. 19, 2021

Erika Brown: Powerhouse Mindset, Episode #99, 01-19-21

Erika Brown: Powerhouse Mindset, Episode #99, 01-19-21

Taking stock of how you feel -- and drawing motivation from the people around you -- are two ways that professional swimmer Erika Brown grounds herself and prepares for success. Erika joins the show to talk with Kelly and Maria about how she strengthened her mindset and how faith, discipline and hard work play a role in her swimming career, and life.

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Erika Brown is newly-sponsored by Mizuno and fresh off completing her first year as a pro swimmer in the International Swimming League and being part of the overall championship team, the Cali Condors and World Record setting relay. Erika Brown swam at the University of Tennessee, where she was a 21-time NCAA All-American. She is the American record holder in the 100-yard fly and is only the second woman to swim the 100-yard free in under 46 seconds.

Episode Topics and Mentions


The University of Tennessee



Cali Condors

International Swim League, ISL

Coleman Stewart

Townley Haas

Bible study

Visual learner

Madeline Banic

Foam rolling



Caeleb Dressel

Matt Kredich

Kathleen Hershey

Karlee Bispo

Meghan Small

Molly Hannis

Kelsi Dahlia

Hillsong United

Natalie Coughlin

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1.    Keeping notes on your emotions throughout the day and then revisiting them can help you work through negativity.

2. Look for new ways to improve, all the time. Do extra things and ask yourself “how can I get better?”


1.    Take video of whatever you are working on to get a better idea of how you are doing and how you can improve.

2.     Be a student of whatever you want to be good at -- including showing up early.


Quote of the Week

"If you are feeling down, you have to be self aware of negative thoughts and ask yourself, what have I been thinking for the last two hours? Then work to change those thoughts to something positive, and your feelings will change." -- Erika Brown

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